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Introducing.... Maldito - with 'I'm Yours Tonight' single

We're hoping to cover a really wide variety of musical styles this weekend, from Finnish Accordion composition to some softer indie pop, and in Maldito, we're delighted to cover a band who, to an extent, write in a fairly orthodox blues rock style, but do so with an intensity and an edge that makes them really interesting to listen to. Their new single 'I'm Yours Tonight' is a great example.

Maldito are from Norway, but in the tradition of some our favourite Norwegian artists, have been studying at LIPA in Liverpool, following Kalandra whom we again featured last week, and of course I See Rivers, whom we'll be featuring in the next week or so.

They have 2 tracks you can find on streaming services, both are pretty hard hitting guitar driven tracks which have a 'tight' feel to them, and I love the guitar playing by Bendik Brevik in each of them. The new release 'I'm Yours Tonight' is really well written, with some clever subtleties thrown in, and Vegard Ring's vocals are particularly convincing, as they suit the style of music so well.

Take a listen here:

Anyway with a really good musical background and some solid tracks, Maldito have an interesting future ahead, and for our German readers (and I think we have a few...) they're amount to head off on a German tour so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details.

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