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The School Book Depository: 'Salvation' single release

We've completed a really lengthy Teija Niku album review today, but I wanted us to drop in some quick mentions of a few more releases, starting with this new single from the 'The School Book Depository', the musical output of Swedish songwriter Fredrik Solfors (Kinetics, Wagon and more...).

I am hopeful we'll have time to do a full review of this album, because the single 'Salvation' has immediately appealed to me for so many reasons - it's an upbeat track with a big chorus, and I'm already fascinated by the lyrics which are pointed and thoughtful. We're promised a huge variety of musical influences in the album too, which were all recorded in Fredrik's home studio in 2016.

Take a listen to 'Salvation' here:

We'll get listening to the album and try and do a review in the next few weeks sometime.

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