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Introducing... 'Eli' with single 'Okay'

We often do features on bands / artists who are appearing at the major music festivals in the Nordic countries - they're a great source of new and emerging talent, and we love making long playlists of all the artists playing and discovering which new artists will be appearing. Coming up soon is SPOT Festival in Denmark, there's a whole stream of artists we need to take a listen to, but first we'd like to introduce you to 'Eli', a new band formed by Danish songwriter HJalte Ross.

Out of all the new music we've had on our listening playlists in the last few weeks, their debut track 'Okay' is the one which has grown on me most. Its a swirling laid back dream pop track, which has some great touches - I like the glimpse of keyboards and the most subtle of tempo slow downs as they approach the conclusion of the track in particular.

Listen to 'okay' here:

It is an impressive debut from the young Dane and his band, and they certainly seem to making an impression with coverage in music blogs internationally, which is great to see. We look forward to hearing what kind of impact Eli have made at SPOT Festival, and finding out what they'll be up to next.

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