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Introducing... 'Frank Frank Frank' and video 'Heart'

We have a whole stack of new music and artists we'd like to try and introduce to you, in particular we've unearthed some lovely music from Iceland, but first a band we've been meaning to write about for a couple of weeks from Finland, 'Frank Frank Frank'. Yet another addition to the ever excellent Soliti label (and if you haven't read our Delay Trees review please please do so), Frank Frank Frank are described as a 'power trio', and their debut release on the label is a video entitled 'Heart'.

There are so many things that instantly appealed to me about this band, but in particular they they appear to have no set boundaries for what they want to do with their music. Unashamedly influenced by as diverse acts as the Spice Girls and Bjork, 'Heart' has an epic feel to it - almost 5 minutes which sweeps along from the digitally altered vocal opening through to a serene harmonised section concluding with a huge climax with searing guitars and power vocals and drums. 'Frank Frank Frank' simply have everything, and 'Heart' is a pretty bold statement.

The video to 'Heart' was directed by Anna Brotkin, and was shot in just one clip. This is it here:

Anyway they're just finishing a series of live dates, but have 3 more in Finland this week if you want to check their Facebook page for details. Interestingly these appear to be with the brilliant and even more unusual jazz influenced Swedish outfit 'Water Boogie System', who's new album 'Year of Silver' is pretty fantastic, and which I would write a review on, if I only could think of words that would describe it. Anyway I'm really excited about 'Frank Frank Frank' and we will await further developments over the next few months with interest.

Band Promo photo by Mari Mur

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