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Catself - 'A Shield' track and video

To me there's a connection between the last feature about Kalandra and this brief write up of the new Catself track and video 'A Shield', which has just been released. In fact to understand the personal context for writing about Catself, it would be really nice if you could read the Kalandra post too from a couple of days ago.... thanks.

So we do have a stream of album and EP reviews on the way (inc 'Water Boogie System', 'I See Rivers' and then 'Var'), but this very simple little song from 'Catself' has again got me thinking. Catself has a unique quirky folk style, which won't be to everyone's liking, but to me her music is so personal and straight forward - she is a storyteller, and the lyrics to 'A Shield' feel like a poem, set to a simple tune.

The video is even simpler, focussing on the waves hitting the shoreline, and it reminds me of the hours I used to sit on similar rocks close to my home as a youngster, sometimes fishing, sometimes just chatting with friends, in a world that now seems so far away. But visiting my home village this weekend, and those same rocks by the sea, makes me realise it's just us that change really. The sea, the beach, the tides and the moon are all still there, and it's only us humans that have this habit of trying to spoil things.

This is 'A Shield':

So 'Catself' continues with her long ambitions of getting her album finally realised, and we wish her well with that. She will get there, and it will be even more precious as a result. And I hope you all don't mind 2 slightly more personal posts this weekend as I contemplate Easter, families and the lovely area I was brought up. Hang on for the 'Water Boogie System' album review, which should be ready pretty soon.

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