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Home Sweet Somewhere - 'Nattgäst' EP

It's taking far too long to get features out at the moment, apologies, we hope normal service will be resumed in mid June, but we will try to keep things going with some shorter write-ups in the meantime. We'd prefer to do that than go on a complete hiatus, and hope you understand. And this EP from 'Home Sweet Somewhere' is worthy of 15 minutes of anyone's time, neatly combining minimalist rhythms and sounds, with some haunting vocals courtesy of Stella Wahlström.

'Home Sweet Somewhere' are a Finnish / American duo, living in Ekenäs in Finland, and 'Nattgäst ' is their debut EP. It is fairly unusual, and there are a number of features that I particularly like. Whilst projects that are based entirely around Electronica don't normally capture my attention, there is a subtlety here that makes 'Home Sweet Somewhere' easy on the ear, and cleverly fused with traditional Nordic folk vocal melodies and lyrics make the whole thing utterly captivating. 'Margit' stands out, firstly for those vocals, but the way the electronica builds in intensity as the track progresses to create a whirling mirage of images, before flowing seamlessly into the following track 'Star Song'.

The EP, considered in its entirety, feels like a complete musical composition than a series of individual tracks, and you may not even notice those tracks starting and finishing. However 'Herding Song' is an obvious favourite, and it has the most obvious minimalist influence too, I'll reference Steve Reich (again), but I'm sure there are others I could consider. The folk tune that drifts in and out has a beautiful mystique to it, and I've found myself happily listening to the song on repeat, soothing the mind with its evolving patterns and sounds.

With limited time right now, i know I should probably throw in some obviously 'popular' releases - 'Low Roar' maybe, or even 'Love Sport', but I really hope you will give 'Home Sweet Somewhere' some of your precious time, because there is a beauty in the vocals, and huge skill in the minimalist electronica that makes 'Nattgäst' both interesting and hugely rewarding.

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