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Time for a Break.... and some listening for you whilst we're gone...

Well, we have slightly 'limped' towards our holiday, and we apologise for not writing quite so many reviews recently. In particular apologies to some of the lovely bands who've sent us submissions we haven't featured. We really hope we'll be back in June, full of energy and enthusiasm.

In particular we'd recommend the excellent album by Finnish band 'Love Sport' entitled 'Dull Tracks', and a really interesting album by Icelandic band 'VAR' entitled 'Vetur'. Oh and the album by 'Feivel' called 'My Mind and the Thunder Sky' has some nice touches, and offers something different. Then there's the lovely album by 'Low Roar' called 'Once in a Long Long While', which we really should still try and review sometime, and we never got around to the 'JFDR' album 'Brazil' either.

Whilst we're away a couple of artists we regularly feature, 'Select Captain' and 'Amini' should have singles out, so try and check them out if you can. And another band we featured before 'Kataokas' have just released an EP called 'Into the Wild' which we only got to listen to this week, its nice, please check it out if you can.

If you're still stuck well don't forget Delay Trees and I See Rivers, they're probably responsible for our favourite releases of the year, and as music bloggers they're the most lovely people to deal with too.

We hope to be back in June. Thanks for sticking with us.

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