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Select Captain - new single 'If I Should Go'

We have a few new artists to introduce you to this week, but just a quick mention of one of our 'old' favourites, Danish artist 'Select Captain', whom we've featured a few times at Nordic Music Review, and who released a new track whilst we were abroad drinking Mojitos and playing beach soccer (albeit not necessarily at the same time).

The new Select Captain release 'If I Should Go' is quite different from most of the tracks on last years 'Strings and Feathers' album release, with a slow haunting piano theme accompanying the track, and a softness in style which suits the mellow and familiar vocals really well. The track is the first to be released on his (Kristian Gaarskjær's) own new 'Soundchest Records' label, and was written in conjunction with Asger Møller and Sam Brooker from Nasvhille.

The track has received some good airplay at home in Denmark (along with the new 'She's A Sailor' track we also featured today), and a new Select Captain album should be ready by early 2018. In the meantime you can catch him in a few different festivals over the summer - including later this week at Komos Festival.

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