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Introducing 'Break a Bad Habit'... with new single 'Party like it will never end'

We wrote about 'She's A Sailor' earlier, and another band who've understandably had the 'timeless music' tag put by their name is 'Break a Bad Habit', a Swedish / Norwegian duo that we haven't featured before in Nordic Music Review, but writing compelling folk influenced tracks which deliver quite a punch. Their latest track 'Party like it will never end' (the first from a new EP) was released last weekend.

The duo comprise Linnea Jansson and Guro Fløgstad, they both play guitar and sing on the tracks, and like some of our favourite Nordic folk influenced duos / trio's we've written about (JFDR, I See Rivers and many many more...) they have this seemingly effortless ability to fuse their voices and harmonies together when they write - their earlier single 'Desertland' is a particularly good example of this. There is also a power lyrically to this duo's melancholy songwriting that I like, and after all it is hard to deliver convincing tracks when they feel so exposed with such sparse instrumentation too. There is certainly a lot more to the music than you will hear at first listen.

This is 'Party like it will never end':

I'm really impressed by both the tracks that this duo have released, and I look forward to the EP being released soon. For more details on the band you can, of course, visit their Facebook page.

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