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Eerie Glue - 'Love' EP

There are certain bands whom I hear for the very first time and immediately feel a warm glow of reassurance. This seems to be especially true when I come across music clearly influenced by some classic Indie guitar bands of yesteryear. Eerie Glue definitely fit into this category, and their new 'Love' EP mostly hits the mark with a collection of easy to like guitar driven tracks.

Eerie Glue are from Denmark, and although they've been around for a while now, they've really stepped things up recently, as 'Love' is their 3rd EP release in just over 6th months - which probably also means we've been slacking again. 'Fuzz' was released in February and 'Horror ' in December 2016 showing the band currently have a real sense of purpose, as well as a creative songwriting process.

'Sunbeams' opens the EP, a laid back track with a dreamy tune and immediately I'm taken with the effects layered guitars, which carry the track forward. However it's the 2nd track 'Down the Drain' that's the obvious highlight for me, a belting song with a catchy vocal melody, accompanied by more warped guitars, and it builds with an impressive intensity too. 'Mumbo Jumbo' opens slowly, but is picked up by the guitars and I love the instrumental driven sections in the latter part of the track. The EP concludes with 'This Feeling', meandering slightly until a big chorus, but the track doesn't have the same impact as the first 2 songs in particular.

Eerie Glue have a classic indie line up, with some classic influences, but still write tracks that feel distinct enough. After a week listening to the brilliantly thought through lyrics of The School Book Depository, Eerie Glue's' lyrics (inevitably) make less impact. However with an eye for a good tune and a sound packed full of likeable guitar effects and hooks, it's no wonder that this band have captured the attention of a fair few music websites over the last couple of years, and we look forward to hearing future releases too.

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