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Toy Savoy - new single 'Clean Floors'

We have some album reviews to write (notably 'Black Dough'), plus updates from KRÍA and many more, but I wanted to drop in a really quick update from Norwegian band 'Toy Savoy', because they've released a new single called 'Clean Floors'.

We last wrote about them in March, shortly after their Trondheim Calling appearance, and included their latest track 'Morning'. Now they're back with 'Clean Floors', and it's a track about a friend who left their hometown, and how they all wish he would come home. Well, I think he's going to have to now they've written a song about him...

Anyway its a great dream pop tune, with a killer chorus. Take a listen:

I really like this band and 'Clean Floors' is a good track to add to your latest playlists. More Toy Savoy news when we get it.

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