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Introducing....Since November and single 'Star System'

After introducing you to the 'Verandan' last week, we're delighted to introduce you to a 2nd new Finnish band - although 'Since November' technically aren't new given they were originally formed ten years ago, but due to other projects it's taken a while to get the band fully up and running.

Behind 'Since November' is songwriter Tomi Mäkilä ('The Crash', 'Magenta Skycode' and 'Montevideo', all bands worth checking out for those in the UK who may not have come across them), and he's been joined on this project by Jukka-Pekka Flander, who's provided the drums and programming. The result is their first single 'Star System', and it's quite possibly the best new release of the year so far.

'Star System' is based around the most gorgeous floating piano theme, which opens the track and then propels the music forward at pace, with understated vocals delivering a lovely melodic tune. The song builds with sumptuous string effects, and for a reason i can't quite fathom, I find the combined effect completely uplifting.

There's an excellent video too directed by Brando Louhivaara, filmed in Helsinki, it sets out some of the beautiful modern architecture in the city. Take a look here:

We're looking forward already to the next 'Since November' release, and we promise we will write about it in Nordic Music Review - albeit probably about 2 weeks after the release date as normal.

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