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In Short: Love Sport - 'Dull Tracks'

We've had a flurry of electronic based submissions to work through this week, and whilst we will try and feature a couple (and they're always welcomed), it left me reaching for my playlist of favourite recent albums and listening to music that I instinctively really like - Delay Trees, The School Book Depository and a really good album from 'Love Sport' entitled 'Dull Tracks'. Unfortunately we just didn't have chance to write a review when it was originally released due to vacations and other stuff happening.

We've featured Finnish band Love Sport a couple of times before, and this is their debut album - although it's only 2 tracks longer than their excellent 'Almost Doesn't Mean You Made It' EP. So this was released almost 3 months ago, and it's as likeable an Indie Guitar album as you'll get to hear, with all 8 tracks packed full of jangly, fuzzy guitars, all with Love Sport's familiar discordant and warped approach to songwriting.

Opening with a thumping bass line, 'Mary, Gary, Warehouse' typifies the album, the guitars drive the tracks along at a playful and upbeat tempo and there's a positivity that will make you smile. Highlights include 'Least I Could Do is Die', the laid back 'Tug Wars' and the standout 'The Boy Who Could Not Dream', a blistering track worthy of a playlist anywhere. But I also like the darker guitars in 'My Sister's Omen (Came True), before they return to the normal lively frolics with 'Allergic to Rubber'

This is the video to 'The Boy Who Could Not Dream':

Above all else, 'Love Sport' are just great fun to listen to. There's a slightly anarchic feel to their songs which keeps them interesting, and there's a constant barrage of guitars and melodies that carry the songs along. 'Dull Tracks' is probably not the most original release of the year, but it's definitely my pick of Indie Guitar albums from the last couple of months, and I hope you'll all give it a fair listening.

Our Finnish readers have the chance to see 'Love Sport' at a couple of summer gigs, check their Facebook page for details.

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