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Introducing....Clouds and single 'A Change'

I was thinking about the small UK Pop festival 'Indie Tracks' yesterday, I can't get there this year due to a family vacation, but I still go through the listings and try and find independent DIY style bands that I haven't come across before. Sadly I couldn't spot any Nordic names on the list, understandably for a small festival, but one band that would fit in perfectly to the sound and style of Indie Tracks are Norwegian band 'Clouds.'

'Clouds' might currently fail our 'googlability' test for new bands, but they're just about traceable on Spotify, and hopefully a few words in Nordic Music Review might help too. They're a 6 piece band from Oslo, and this is their 3rd single following previous releases 'Maybellene' and 'Stay with Me'.

The new single is called 'A Change' and I like this because it's just such an upbeat, positive sounding song. It rattles along at a great pace, I like the big harmonies and a multitude of instruments add to the mix of sound. It was produced by Kenneth Ishak (Beezewax, Heyerdahl, Universet) and it's been released via one of our favourite small labels, Sotron Records.

You can listen to 'A Change' here:

'Clouds' are not the easiest band to track down online (it's not quite as difficult as finding the band 'Fjords' from Norway but close...), so here are the links to find them:

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