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Introducing.... Ellis May and 'Old Love'

I was thinking about artists we've never written about, but have made an impression over the last few months, and Ellis May (the artist name of Sophia Maj) immediately sprung to mind. Earlier this year she released her startling debut 'Old Love', and I first read about her on Derval McCloats excellent DervSwerv music site (, although I think the track got a fair bit of coverage elsewhere too.

'Old Love' is a captivating track simply because it will throw you off guard, particularly in the opening stages with a deliberately placed off key note or two, and slightly unnerving vocals, before it opens up with a beautiful delicacy that shows that 'Ellis May' probably has the capability to do whatever she chooses. The music itself was recorded using both analogue and digital techniques, which in many ways gives it a similar musical texture to Christian Gabels '1900' project.

Listen to 'Old Love' here:

So this is a fascinating release, and I'm really interested in what Ellis May might be planning next. She debuted at Spot Festival recently and made a real impression, and next release we'll try and make sure we're slightly more 'on the ball' in our coverage of her.

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