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Introducing.... 'olli' and EP 'bye'

Well we've just featured 'Between Mountains', who have an average age of 15, so we'll stay with musicians somewhat scarily born during this millennium by introducing you to 16 year old 'olli' from Finland. He's the latest artist to be signed to the increasing eclectic Soliti family, home to so many great bands we're almost struggling to keep up with all their releases these days.

Anyway 'olli' is probably an official internet music sensation, given that his early releases have been listened to literally (as the kids say...) millions of times, and he describes his music himself as '3rd grade sleepover birthday party pop music'. He was influenced apparently by listening to Four Tet when he was 7 or 8 years old, which for those of us with daughters obsessed with Little Mix is fairly staggering but also somewhat reassuring that it is possible to have diverse listening habits at such an age.

To me this is fascinating, unusual and cleverly original music, although it certainly isn't conventional songwriting either, with track lengths of often 1-2 minutes. There are some outstanding moments on the EP, the theme in 'you'll disappear' is lovely, and I like 'palms' more than any track on the EP, it has this wistful and thoughtful beauty to it. Try listening to the whole thing, its definitely worth 10 minutes of your day, and you'll find that the tracks are strangely addictive.

Soliti have cleverly packaged 6 of 'olli's' older releases into an EP called 'bye', whilst they are releasing an EP of newly recorded tracks later this summer. I wouldn't want to overstate things too much with either 'Between Mountains' or 'olli', these are hugely talented kids who simply want to write and play music. Hopefully they can all just keep doing that.


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