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Introducing.... 'Are You Having Fun Yet'

Well we said we'd cover 10 new(ish) artists over 3 days, and we've somehow reached 9, and covered a variety of styles and genres along the way, from ambient electronica to acoustic folk. We hoped you've liked at least one of them so far...

Our final selection is a band who's name has popped up so many times over the last few months, we just had to check them out. 'Are You Having Fun Yet' have appeared at Sofar Sounds, Norwegian festivals and who've had some pretty interesting support gigs along the way too - including FOAMMM whom we must write about soon also.

So 'Are You Having Fun Yet' are a Nordic / Anglo band, and the UK connection derives from Guitarist / Vocalist Peter who's from Leeds, but the band are firmly based in Oslo now, and are starting to make an impression with their melodic guitar based indie pop. They have a small selection of tracks to listen to on streaming services, all are worthy of your latest playlists, but the highlight to me is probably 'Turbo', it opens with guitars driving the track forward at pace before switching to a dreamy harmonised chorus, it is undeniably clever songwriting. 'Kidder' is more conventional Indie guitar track, with a lovely melancholy quality to it, and alongside the soaring 'Are You Having Fun Yet', the reality is that these guys just make this great indie guitar sound, with well written songs and good tunes.

Anyway the good news 'Are You Having Fun Yet' will be releasing a brand new single entitled 'Now And Then I Feel Destroyed' fairly soon, and plans are firmly underway for an album release early next year. We're definitely planning to stick around until then, so look forward to doing a more detailed album review when it comes out. In the meantime keep an eye out on their Facebook page for live appearances if you're in Norway, and maybe with the UK connections they might even make it to the UK sometime too.

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