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Introducing.... WeKings with single 'Echoes'

We're back from our summer vacation with a whole stream of new releases to write about, and not forgetting that there's a massive drop of new albums due in September - including none other than Major Parkinson, which is particularly exciting. In the meantime we're delighted to introduce you to 3 new bands / artists this week, starting with a Scandinavian band based in Berlin, 'WeKings'.

Their debut single is 'Echoes', and it is a mightily impressive release, an intense anthemic pop song which is set out on an epic scale, yet the vocals are able to maintain a personal and melancholy quality, I think the whole effect works really well. This is music written from the soul and from the heart, and you can hear it throughout the track.

Being based in Berlin, the band have also started an excellent project involving a roadtrip across Scandinavia by a phone, passed between friends in their homeland and sending photos back via Instagram to the band. It's a lovely idea, which those of us who are separated from our original birthplaces can probably relate to really well. To have a look at the photos follow the instagram link.

'WeKings' now plan to release some more singles over the next year, and we really look forward to these as 'Echoes' seem to suggest that this is a band with significant musical potential, as well as a really interesting outlook on life.

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