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Jarle Skavhellen - new single 'Matylda'

Well we've written both an album review and a new band introduction, so I think we're allowed to return to 2 'old favourites' who both release new singles today. Coincidentally they're both from Bergen, and for regular readers it doesn't rake a lot of guessing who the second one will be, but firstly we return to the 'olde music' charms of Jarle Skavhellen and his new track 'Matylda'.

We first wrote about Jarle Skavhellen in November last year, he'd released 2 solo tracks and we liked them both. Inevitably I lined all his 3 tracks up together on a playlist together this morning, and they compliment each other really well, They're all written in that distinct alt - folk / country style, with vocals that (as I said last time) were born for this style of song. His latest track 'Matylda' is written in a more expansive style than his previous releases, which opens with just guitar and vocals, but in the chorus we get drums, harmonies and a big climax to the song. But there's still that storytelling charm that I love with this genre, and as in his track 'Seventeen' Jarle Skavhellen is able to paint lovely pictures with his music and lyrics. There's also some intricate subtleties to the guitar playing, which I really like.

You can take a listen to 'Matylda' here:

I love listening to Jarle Skavhellen, because there's an honest simplicity to his songwriting, and it would be great if at some point he could get an album or longer EP released. He has made it across to the UK for a few gigs previously, so we'll let you know if he comes across to do any more - assuming we spot them ourselves obviously.

Matylda Artwork by Robert Høyem

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