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Verandan - new single 'Short Dream'

We brought you a mammoth amount of new music yesterday (for us anyway...), so just a quick post today on a new single we meant to mention before our final summer break. We introduced you to new Finnish band Verandan a few months back, led by Ville Hopponen (Cats on Fire), and they've been back with a new single entitled 'Short Dream', which is from their now highly anticipated EP.

'Short Dream' is a sparkling indie pop track, with jangling guitars, an infectiously likeable melody and some great instrumental sections - to an extent this track reminds me of fellow Soliti label mates 'Delay Trees', albeit with slightly bigger guitar solos.

Anyway take a listen to 'Short Dream' here:

The new 'Verandan' will be released pretty soon, and we'll be giving that a good listen when it gets here.

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