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Introducing.... Grass Shadows with track 'Unsolvable'

We'll head into a completely different musical world now, by introducing you to a band that offer something slightly unusual. Grass Shadows have emerged with a mammoth set of releases that will take you a fair few days to work through, but we're recommending an introduction in particular through one track we're enjoying on our playlists.

Grass Shadows are from Gothenburg and consist of duo vocalist Johan Eriksson and guitarist Oskar Bråne , and they make music that I'll describe as dark lo-fi indie pop. Up until now they'd self released 3 albums, but have now gone for a triple release of albums entitled Normal. Disorder and The Deep Dark Despair of Sleep. Now for obvious reasons we're not going to try to do a full triple album review, but we do recommend that you start by listening to 'Unsolvable'.

Now there's no doubt that this is music that does register on our 'Mirel Wagner Scale of Bleakness', the Nordic Music Review 'Richter' style measurement gauge of misery and despair in songwriting. The dark songwriting is backed up by the vocal delivery (somewhere between Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy and Matt Berninger from The National), and in this track the combination between the vocals and the slightly gothic guitars work well. It is also upbeat and has good melody which both carry the track along strongly.

You can take a listen to 'Unsolvable' here:

Now there's obviously a huge amount of material to get to know after this, so we'll let you explore all of the albums for yourself if you wish. However other stand out tracks include 'Doubt' and 'Emotional Pornographer' from the album Disorder, and in general the lyrics that are pretty well thought through too.

For more details please visit their website:

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