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Jacob Faurholt - new single 'Listening to Devil Town'

Heading off on a summer vacation last month inevitably left us with a backlog, so hopefully you're noticing the pace picking up with a variety of music features being published this week. Unfortunately during that vacation we also missed out on reading some of our other favourite Music Blogs, including a lovely premiere and write up of Jacob Faurholt's video 'A Lake of Distortion' in none other than 'The Music Blog Formally Known As Wake The Deaf', more simply known now as 'Various Small Flames'.

However time moves quickly on, and we're now in a position to be able to tell you about the Danish songwriters new track, which is entitled 'Listening to Devil Town'. I'm really in awe of this song, because with such a lo-fi production it becomes so bare and exposed, but this gives such power to the vocals and lyrics. I love too the guitar contribution from Soren Brothers, which almost sounds like a cellist using bowing techniques to produce unusual textures in the accompaniment. The song itself is a tribute to 'Daniel Johnston', and written about listening to his track 'Devil Town' whilst being fragile and suffering from anxiety.

The album, which will be Jacob Faurholt's 6th solo release will be entitled 'A Lake of Distortion', and is to be released on October 20th through Raw Onion Records.

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