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The Reverends - new single / video 'Sometimes I Wish'

Well we're hitting the end of the week, so that means there will be a host of new releases tomorrow, and we'll have a brand new album review for you tomorrow night. But we've given permission to give you a sneak peak of a video / track that's officially landing tomorrow morning from Faroese band The Reverends. It might even be a world exclusive, i just have no idea if other people have been given exactly the same permission too.

So The Reverends have been around for a while now, and they have built a reputation Internationally mainly because their music style is Indie Rock, but from a blend of Nordic / Americana, which clearly has widespread appeal. Their brand new track is entitled 'Sometimes I Wish', and there is a real warmth to the song that I really like. Firstly the vocals are assured with a lovely melodic line, and then when the track hits the chorus we're offered flowing instrumentation, with a hint of their Country / Americana influences - I love the instrumental sections that take the track through to the end too.

The video was directed by Gudmund Helmsdal and it was partly recorded in Japan. I really like it, it seems to suit the style of the song, and add to the positive vibe that this band are naturally able to portray through their music.

Take a look here:

Anyway The Reverends have been busy in 2017 recording a 'string' of new tracks, so we look forward to maybe an EP or something even more substantial in future months. In the meantime head over to their Facebook page or website for more information, or to sign up for their newsletter.

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