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Introducing.... Malin Sallstedt Tiny Orchestra with debut track 'Deny'

Whilst we've introduced you all to countless new bands and artists over the last few months, I can't quite recollect the last new folk influenced artist from Norway, so we're delighted to bring you the talents of Malin Sallstedt Tiny Orchestra. Their debut single 'Deny' was released only last week, and it's a nice fusion of folk, jazz and classically influenced sounds.

With a background originally in jazz, Malin Sallstedt has now moved on to songwriting in her own name, accompanied by her Tiny Orchestra, and the first output is 'Deny', a song built around a simple concept, but beautifully arranged and performed from a vocal and a string perspective. The song has a hymn like feel to the vocals, whilst the arrangements are baroque, with the occasional jazz interpretation thrown in. The overall effect is both soothing and enchanting.

Given her voice is so good, and she's clearly playing with some talented musicians, Malin Sallstedt Tiny Orchestra have a lot going for them, so we await future songs with interest, as we follow how her songwriting is developing too. We look forward to keeping you updated.

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