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Introducing... Moviestar - with new single 'Stupid People'

We've brought you a wide range of Album reviews and new music to listen to last week, and there was one more we were trying to slip in at the weekend, but didn't have chance. Moviestar are from Norway, and it's fair to say that they are very different from any of the bands we've featured over recent weeks. Their new track, released last week is entitled 'Stupid People' and it's post punk, but in a style you just won't have heard before.

I'll save you from a full background of the 'story' that sits behind 'Moviestar', but they, apparently, have been sent on a mission through time and space from the planet Fenris to save the world, first arriving in Norway because it was deemed 'the safest place in the world'. Band members play instruments which include a disfigured guitar with only 4 strings, a 32 stringed instrument, a synth bass operated by a foot and a child's drum kit.

Now some of this I would ignore if it wasn't for the fact that I really like 'Stupid People', warped post punk with brilliantly simple lyrics that hit the mark, and the overall sound of the band is bitingly original - although with the weird collection of instruments maybe that's not entirely surprising.

Anyway take a listen to 'Stupid People' here...:

This is also a band with some UK ambitions too, which is good to see from a purely selfish perspective. They played some dates earlier this year, and already have a couple of dates planned in for November in the south of the country. We'd love to see a few dates up North too.

Their album Stupid People / Happy Days will be out on 9th February 2018 via Oh Yeah! / Sony.

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