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Introducing.... Twelve Steps and track 'This is U.S.A.'

Our route to discovering 'Twelve Steps' was pretty convoluted, initially searching Helsinki and Turku gig listings for the latest new indie rock bands, and then finding references to other bands and musicians who happen to be involved in new projects. But we're delighted to have found them, as they released their debut single at the end of July, and it's entitled 'This is U.S.A.'.

So the musical connections into 'Twelve Steps' are from numerous indie bands including the excellent 'French Films', 'Black Twig' and 'Love Sport', so there is a pretty good pedigree from the musicians involved. The most obvious point to make about their music is that they just make an excellent noise - with a confident and distinct guitar led sound, and 'This is U.SA.' drives forward at pace, with a big catchy chorus which should give the song wider appeal. We've covered a wide range of music styles recently, so to get right back to real guitar music feels good, and I can't think of a better debut track from a Nordic Indie Band this year in this style.

Anyway the good news is that there is a video, so you can see the band for themselves:

So this is the first track from a forthcoming EP, and that is definitely something to look forward to. Find them on Facebook at the page below.

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