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'Roan' - new tracks and video 'Runaway'

We're in the midst of reviewing some pretty weighty albums right now (Mikko Joensuu's possibly a good example), so to lighten the spirits we're delighted to belatedly bring you a couple of new tracks from Finnish Indie Pop band 'Roan', who we last featured in May 2016 when they released their 'Just for Tonight' EP.

We've always liked this band because they write such unapologetically upbeat pop tracks, and their new(ish) songs, released in June and July are a great example. The first is 'You've Got What I Want', and it has bright harmonies, playful guitars and a big catchy chorus, which resulted in it receiving some well rewarded airplay on Finnish radio.

But it's the 2nd track that I like the most. 'Runaway' is a really good indie pop track, with a great guitar intro and another chorus which will be bouncing around your head all day. There's also a video to go with it, which you can watch here:

We do sometimes get wrapped up in some fairly serious music offering sometimes, and 'Roan' are the perfect balance with 2-3 minute pop tracks that will sit perfectly on your latest playlists.

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