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Introducing.... Askee from Denmark with single 'Parallel Seeing'

Covering 'Retro Kid' from Denmark reminded me that we haven't covered as many new Danish bands and artists over recent weeks, so over the next few evenings we'll cover 5. Hopelessly ambitious perhaps, but there is certainly no shortage of interesting new Danish names making headway at the moment, some of whom have been getting good reviews at Nordic festivals over the summer. We'll start, however, with an artist which I don't think have received any coverage at all - 'Askee' from Copenhagen, with a debut track 'Parallel Seeing'.

'Askee' are a psych pop project based around songwriter Aske Kristiansen, who's been working for the last year to craft a sound that is described as 'pop meditations, designed to reflect the inner world of the listener' - and whilst at first I thought this sounded a bit far fetched, this is exactly what he's done. This is beautifully constructed music, with flowing but also sometimes delicate guitars, a hypnotic drum beat, and dreamy vocals that remind me of much missed English band 'Alfie'. Often music like this can be too hazy and indistinct, but with 'Askee' the melodies shine through the haze, and the overall effect is a complex and beautiful pop song.

You can take a listen to 'Parallel Seeing' here:

I really like this track so much. Anyway the good news is that we won't have to wait long until the full debut EP is released, as that's due on the 9th October. We'll try to find time to do a full review sometime later in October.

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