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Makeout Point - with single 'My Name Is Blank'

We head back to Sweden today, and something on the opposite end of the musical spectrum from (recently featured) 'Retro Kid's' electronic beats, a feisty explosive track from Makeout Point, a 5 piece band from Stockholm. This is another band new to Nordic Music Review as we somehow missed out on their excellent 2016 debut 'The Place Where We Used To Live', but they're back now anyway with a new track entitled 'My Name is Blank'.

The first thing to say about this band is that they clearly have some great influences, with music that makes me recall some great guitar bands from the 90's. 'My Name is Blank' opens with a Pixies style bass line, before guitars are layered on and they cut straight to a fearsome and slightly discordant chorus, with vocalist Shiva Kazemi dominating the track. There are great contrasts between the softer verse and and the harder chorus sections, and this gives the track a real edge to it.

The lyrics too are worth a closer listen: 'I bleed myself to sleep / And you don't even have to care' exclaims Kazemi, and it is understandable why this is a band who've received a fair bit of attention globally with their debut singles. We await further tracks with interest.

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