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Introducing..... Lunar with debut EP 'Mirrors'

After writing about new Danish project 'Askee' yesterday, we'll continue in that country by featuring another new band with some impressive debut tracks, and an EP almost fully released too. 'Lunar' are a 5 piece band from Aalborg, who first started playing gigs in 2015, and over the last few weeks they've been releasing individual tracks from their EP 'Mirrors' - there are still 2 more of 6 tracks still not officially released, but based on the first 4, it is definitely worth getting hold of a copy.

The EP opens with 'Killed by Surprise', which has a laid back tempo led by guitars, and then understated vocals setting out a melancholy melody which weaves its way through the track, before it launches into life with a huge emotional and fraught climax. I like the different shades of darkness and light, and the slightly harrowing lyrics work well too. 'Lucy Told' is a more obviously 'catchy' track, with an easy going melodic hook, and this song understandably has received some prominent radio airplay in Denmark - it is certainly an obvious choice for your latest new music playlists.

'Churches' is a more unusual sounding track, with 'Lunar' not afraid to test the boundaries with an unconventional song structure, and the instrumental sections are darker, but it is my least favourite of the 4 tracks. 'Arpeggio' however is an absolutely stunning track, the highlight of the EP thus far for me, with the central musical theme set out through woven patterns of piano arpeggios, but building slowly in intensity as the track develops, until an emotionally charged chorus, some blasts of a saxophone and sudden ending - a 6 minute roller-coaster of a track that will take you in all directions.

I await the 2 additional tracks with interest, as 'Lunar' are certainly a band not afraid to look at things differently, writing innovative clever music and interesting lyrics that are worthy of further consideration. The melodic sections show that they're a band that can also write a good tune, and even if they are undoubtedly still developing their songwriting, 'Mirrors' is a weighty and admirable debut.

Anyway, the good news (if you're in Denmark that is), is that they have a series of up and coming gigs, including 'Jolene Bar' in Copenhagen next Thursday, and interestingly a support slot to Virgin Suicide next month back in Aalborg. More details on their Facebook page.

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