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The New Spring new single: 'Gershwin Wakes Up Singing'

We're featuring a range of new Danish artists and bands this week, but 'The New Spring', based around songwriter Bastian Kallesøe, is more established with three albums already released over a six year period. During more recent songwriting album he recruited a full band to support him too, and the result is a new single entitled 'Gershwin Wakes Up Singing' - which is quite possibly my favourite song title of the year.

For those of you familiar with The New Springs' previously releases, you will notice a marked difference in the sound, but I don't think this latest track loses any of that emotional connection he previously achieved just through mainly guitar and piano. It opens with a familiar delicate guitar, but the song then develops with subtle additional instrumentation which gives it a more 'rounded' sound. Lyrically the song is interesting and challenging, dealing with the scenario of waking up one morning to find you are dead, but it's not as bleak as it sounds, and it is thought provoking rather than being downright depressing.

The song is actually a homage to George Gershwin the composer who died so young, but is still remembered for his wonderful and prolific writing. I love his Piano Concerto for reasons that would take too many words. Anyway listen to the track here:

So 'Gershwin Wakes Up Singing' to be released from the new album (it'll actually be the last track on the album itself), so we await news on the release date and will add that to the ever growing list of album reviews that we need to complete.

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