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Introducing.... 'Remedies' with brand new single 'High As The Moon'

We've covered a lot of fairly serious and dark releases over the last week or two, so we're delighted to offer you 'Remedies', a band that takes influences from across different genres, but then bring it together in a track which is unashamedly at the heart of the pop rock genre.

So 'Remedies' are a duo consisting of Tor Erik Krane Ursin and Sigrid Ryan, they're from Northern Norway, and 'High As The Moon' is released today 15th September, and is a follow up to their debut single 'She', which was released a couple of months back.

There's a number of things I like about 'High As The Moon'. It has an anthemic feel with a huge drum opening, as if written to be performed on a big scale or even stage, it has big melodic chorus, and I like too the piano theme which propels the track forward from start to finish - along with the subtle variation in the middle of the song. I'm more than happy having this on my playlist, to contrast against my latest dark and bleak Nordic discoveries.

Take a listen to 'High As the Moon' now:

As often with any independent new band releasing material, there's probably a couple of imperfections in the production of the track, but I like the ambition of 'Remedies' in this single release. They can be found on Instagram and Twitter.

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