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Club 8 - new single 'Breathe'

We're in the midst of writing a review on Finnish Jazz Trumpeter Ilkka Arola's album, which has some wonderful musical influences from around the world, and another track which has really stood out in the last week for being written and performed with similar influences is 'Breathe' by Swedish duo Club 8.

The duo, comprising of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård, have a vast musical catalogue of releases behind them, 9 albums in total, and this time they have used instruments from the Middle East and Asia, as

well as dusty old synthesizers to try and create very different sound from the norm. The effect is pretty stunning.

'Breathe' weaves a beautiful delicate web of sounds, so whilst the style is still quite minimalist electro, they're able to create a reflective atmosphere, where each sound seems to have a meaning and a sense of purpose. Performed on such unusual instruments it does really feel as if the listener has been transported far away from the bustle and complications of modern life. The vocals just drift over the top, and are particularly enchanting. I've also discovered the overall track is particularly effective if you turn up the volume in all speakers in the house, so that it takes over every corner of every room.

Take a listen to 'Breathe' here:

I really think this is a beautiful track. Anyway Club 8's new album will be entitled 'Golden Island', and will be released in early 2018 through Labrador Records.

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