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Introducing... 'Filthy Kitsch' and 'Sound the Alarm'

There's just time for one new Band / Artist introduction from Sweden tonight, and after an Indie Guitar based track from Linn Koch-Emmery, and Psychedelic-Folk from VARAMON, we'll head into a slightly more electronic direction and an interesting debut from 'Filthy Kitsch', with a track entitled 'Sound the Alarm'.

Behind 'Filthy Kitsch' is musician and songwriter Joe Shackleton, who previously drummed for a number of other Indie bands, before he sadly had to put down the drumsticks after succumbing to a severe joint related condition. But as he came to terms with the life-changing disorder, he found that writing songs enabled him to release some of his personal emotions, and that the limitations of his condition were inevitably resulting in him exploring new sounds.

'Sound the Alarm' is a musically well constructed electro indie track with an 80's feel to the melody, and the lyrics serve as a stark introduction to the circumstances behind 'Filthy Kitsch': ''Nervous system shivers with another SOS / Rabbit frozen in the headlights /Riddled with adrenaline, a sickening caress''. I really like all the lyrics in the track, I think the instrumental section works well, and it all leaves me intrigued enough about future releases to want to keep an eye on the project.

Take a listen to 'Sound the Alarm' here:

So we're promised more tracks from the Filthy Kitsch over future months, in the meantime you can find out more on Instagram at the below link.

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