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Introducing... VARAMON with single 'The Tigress'

The number of submissions to our Inbox in the last couple of weeks has rocketed, and whilst there have been some lovely tracks, artists that offer something different, or approach songwriting from a slightly different perspective, always catch our attention. VARAMON from Sweden does exactly that, and we're delighted to bring you his single 'The Tigress'.

Behind 'VARAMON' is Fredrik Hultin, the voice and songwriter from experimental folk outfit FREDRIK, now sadly disbanded, but he is supported in the new project by the likes of Anna Moberg (also FREDRIK) and other local Malmo musicians.

'The Tigress' has a lovely distinctness to it, to the extent that I wouldn't really wish to categorise it - maybe it's Psychedelic Folk with a touch of Twin Peaks. A lovely melancholy melody carries the track, but it meanders in such a way that you won't quite know which direction it's heading. Throughout it all drums, metallic guitar and other instrumental effects (probably the highlight of the track for me) are used to add an unusual texture, and the whole effect is both comforting and slightly startling.

I really like this, take a listen here:

'The Tigress' is taken from the forthcoming VARAMON EP 'Sleep Trader'. More details can be found on their Facebook page.

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