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Introducing.... Linn Koch-Emmery - with new single 'Under the Sun'

We have a stack of artists / bands to write about that are all new to Nordic Music Review, and we start off in Sweden with Linn Koch-Emmery, who has just released her 3rd single 'Under the Sun', ahead of her debut EP 'Boys' which is due for release soon.

Linn Koch-Emmery writes music which is right at the heart of the Indie Rock genre, with guitar driven tracks that are pretty easy to digest and vocals which have a lush quality to them, but also an 'edge' during more intense moments - it's not difficult to see why her music is being instantly picked up by music websites and blogs around the world. 'Under the Sun' is a really good track, with big guitar led instrumental sections, and a catchy melody. I'm not entirely sure where she's been all the years, but Linn Koch-Emmery was clearly born to front up an Indie Guitar band of some description.

Take a listen to 'Under the Sun' here:

'Boys', the debut EP is due for release on October 20th. For more details please check out her Facebook page.

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