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Select Captain - new single and video 'Straight No Chaser'

We've covered such a massive selection of new Danish artists and bands over the last few weeks that I think we should be allowed to return to one of our old favourites, Select Captain, who has returned with a preview of his 3rd album (a follow up to the very likeable 'Strings and Feathers'), the single 'Straight No Chaser'.

The track deals with the slightly thorny subject of just watching life pass by whilst spending time on futile things, and having spent most of the last few weeks visiting hospitals, it's a track that's added to the voices in my head telling me to certainly be more decisive about my choices in life. I don't think it's quite telling me that music blogging is pointless, but there's certainly plenty to consider.

Musically there is that familiar reassuring warmth in Select Captain's songwriting, but in this track a rhythmic solid drum beat marches the track relentlessly forward as if time continues to tick, it's a clever device that adds to the intensity of the song. Above it all Kristian Gaarskjaer's ever confident vocals offer a fluid melody, and the lyrics are direct and thought provoking.

Take a listen and watch the video for 'Straight No Chaser' here:

Anyway we look forward to reviewing Select Captain's 3rd album sometime in the New Year, providing we haven't misinterpreted Kristian's advice and decided that a relaunch involving reviewing Rolex watches would offer far more lucrative opportunities.

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