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LOCALS - new single ''She Makes Me Feel Like Rock'n'Roll''

Well we've covered an album (Ane Bjerkan) in full intricate detail in the last couple of days, so we can now enjoy ourselves and start throwing at you some great tracks from other bands we've not featured before. The first one is from 'LOCALS', a Swedish band who have released a new single 'She Makes Me Feel Like Rock'n'Roll', which is their 2nd single from their forthcoming EP.

This track instantly appealed to me, because amongst all the other melancholy, emotional and slightly fraught songs we've been listening to, this sticks out as a beacon of indie rock light, with a huge high intensity chorus that will bounce around your head all night and a stadium style that could adorn any festival. The thing that we particularly like is the great balance they've managed to strike between an Indie Rock track and searing Electronica - it opens with guitars before the blast of synths in the chorus.

This track has gone down well on our listening playlists this week, so we suggest it's probably a great addition to yours too. And there's also a video, involving the band, a sofa and some obligatory lovely Scandinavian scenery, watch it here:

After some support dates supporting Urban Cone around the Nordic countries, LOCALS are planning to head out on their own 'North European' tour soon. Given the UK is barely in Europe any more (don't get us started...), let alone North Europe, this might not involve dates over here, but we'll keep an eye out for that EP release and give it a mention when it's released.

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