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Elisif Norrman - debut video 'Feathers'

After such a raw and personal EP from 'Sjakal', we stay in Sweden, but this time for a different style of songwriting. Elisif Norrman is a singer songwriter from the North of the country, who grew up in a musical family, and is heavily influenced by folk music and her environment - as well as numerous different styles of music from jazz to reggae.

Her debut video 'Feathers' (directed by herself) was released just over one week ago, and it's a lovely introduction to her music. Lyrically Elisif Norrman writes of her connection with the natural surroundings - 'when I'm lost i turn to water, maybe lost but never alone', and in that respect she has a hint of Finnish folk songwriter 'Catself' about her. Musically however this is really easy to like at first listen, with floating pop melodies that flutter through the sky whilst violins cavort around after them. Vocally there is a charm and a delicacy to her voice that really makes the track work too.

Watch the video to 'Feathers' here:

Pretty good right?? Anyway "Feathers" is released by the indie label El Sol y la Luna music, and Elisif Norrman will release an EP in Spring next year. We look forward to hearing it.

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