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Calming River - new single 'Anniversary'

Before we open the 'Blackbox', there's just time for one more introduction and new single to write about, and it's from a Danish based songwriter 'Calming River' who was actually born in the UK, but as a long term Scandinavian resident obviously qualifies for inclusion in Nordic Music Review.

Joshua Malcolm is the songwriter behind 'Calming River', a folk influenced musician who's name suggests that his music will be soft and intricate, and to an extent it is, but there is also a dark undercurrent that sits beneath the sounds too. His latest single 'Anniversary' is a great example, I love the long acoustic based guitar introduction (and could quite happily listen to a Calming River instrumental EP), but slowly the pace quickens and a 2nd effects laden guitar adds a different texture, one of disharmony and tension. It's a really clever musical creation.

Eventually the vocals are added, with the lyrics dealing with prejudice and the silencing of peoples views, but the emphasis here is not so much the vocals, it's the conflict in sounds. You can watch the video here:

This is an artist we have not given enough attention to over the last 3 years. Sometimes so much is thrown in our direction that we don't have time to stop, think and appreciate, and 'Calming River' is a songwriter that you just need to find that quiet 10 minutes to consider and enjoy. We hope you like 'Anniversary'.

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