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Klemsdal - new single 'When Is It Over'

Is there just time for one more new release today? Klemsdal is a Norwegian musician we haven't featured before, even though his self released debut EP in December 2016 was the type of thing we normally try to pick up on.

His new single is entitled 'When Is It Over' and it's the first track that has been released ahead of his debut album, which is due sometime next year. It begins with a fairly conventional Electro-Pop style synth theme which could have come from the 1980's, but then it opens up with this lovely joyous and slightly quirky melody, that keeps building every time hits the chorus. There is a retro feel to it, but it's upbeat and actually just great fun. Please give this a few listens because it really will grow on you....:

Having taken some time to listen to his previous releases, there's some really interesting stuff - 'Gone' in particular disappears off in an unconventional direction (giving me a momentarily happy 'Cardiacs' memory), and it's a nice collection of offbeat lo-fi indie pop songs. We'll definitely keep an eye on future 'Klemsdal' releases, and we'll let you know when that album is finally released.

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