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Victor Furbacken - new single 'The River'

We've enjoyed varying from our normal music preferences in the last couple of features, but it feels reassuring to get back to a songwriter who has a more traditional guitar based approach to his writing. Victor Furbacken is a musician who has contributed to many different projects over the past few years, from performing live with Amanda Werne to Stefan Sundström releases, then launched out with his debut solo project with the release of his 'In the Rain' EP. He has now returned with a new single entitled 'The River', the first track from a new EP due out in December.

This new song really appealed to me. Firstly it's just the sound of the guitar, the variety of effects that he is able to produce acoustically, and then the rhythmic sounds and the clever emphasis on certain notes that adds a richness to the music. The vocals then add a distinct character to the music too, and the combined effect will transport you into the world of 'The River', and I've found myself staring at the artwork and listening to the lyrics to understand more about the songs creation.

You can take a listen to 'The River here:

'Victor Furbacken' is an artist we hadn't come across before, so it's been a lovely opportunity to go back through his previous releases. Both the 'In the Rain' EP and his more recent release 'Brew' are beautifully written (I really like the string arrangements in 'In The Rain'), and we now look forward to that December EP release which will be through Linnea Records.

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