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Della Ridge - new track 'Lipstick on My Collar'

I think we vaguely stated that we were trying to bring you 10 Artists / Bands this week from as many different genres of music as possible, and we're delighted to include country and folk influenced Swedish band 'Della Ridge' into our varied collection.

Della Ridge is a project started by musician Simon Sjöstedt, who himself was born in the beautiful small town of Aspås, within rural Jamtland province, another Swedish place that I've enviously 'googled' and looked admiringly at whilst listening to music. A student of the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Della Ridge was originally formed a few years back, but are now beginning to flourish with an EP release and some live dates.

Their track 'Lipstick on My Collar' is part of a debut EP release from just 3 weeks ago entitled 'Country Music From the North', which clearly gives a huge clue as to the style of music. The song has a lovely laid back melody, and there are some particularly warm contributions from violin and guitar. The lyrics are simple enough but thoughtful, and whilst I've never claimed to be an expert on country influenced music (or anything), I think the whole thing works well.

Take a listen to 'Lipstick on My Collar' here:

The EP 'Country Music From the North' is available on Spotify and other streaming services, and you can visit their Facebook page here:

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