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'Rain on Monday ' - new single 'Hiding Places'

We wrote about 'Rain on Monday' a few weeks ago when we tried our short lived 'Monday List', before deciding we wanted to maintain individual posts about each artist. Anyway for those of you who missed it, 'Rain on Monday' is a Swedish project courtesy of Raimond Nurmilampi, working alongside producer Thomas Harsem. Last time we wrote about his track 'Kill My Love' and now he's back with a new song entitled 'Hiding Places'.

'Rain On Monday' is a project born originally out of his home town of Kiruna, a small Swedish mining town above the arctic circle in the North of Swedish Lapland, which looks isolated but totally beautiful too (it's also been featured in the Guardian due to an extraordinary plan to 'move' pretty much the entire city 2 miles). Now living in Uppsala, Nurmilampia writes songs as 'Rain on Monday' that are affected by his experiences of his old town, and in 'Hiding Places' he writes of the secrets of young lovers.

Against a backdrop of an 80's inspired synths, 'Hiding Places' has an infectious tune with Raimond Nurmilampi's vocals this time having a melancholy tinge as well as gravelly 'edge', and the whole track sweeps through in 3 1/2 minutes of lush 'easy to listen to' indie pop.

'Hiding Places' was only released today, and you can take a listen here:

For more details about the project, please visit their Facebook page.

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