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CO SONN - single 'youll know' (feat. Kristoffer Bolander)

To contrast with 'Pallecco', we're delighted to introduce you to a completely new name to us, even though he has been releasing music very prolifically for a couple of years. 'CO SONN' is a one man project courtesy of Swedish musician Casper Tengberg, and he's just released an album of frantic lo-fi tracks entitled 'VBG trash ensemble vol.1” through the consistently good Lazy Octopus Records.

We're mainly concentrating on just one track 'you'll know', which features fellow Swedish underground musician Kristoffer Bolander, and it's 2 minutes 40 of intense frenzied guitar with the briefest of pauses thrown in between each musical section. This works because it's actually really catchy, and the blurry lo-fi production just adds to the dirty fun, with a vocal melody just about peeking through the noise. This type of songwriting will really appeal to those of you who like your music Sonic Youth style, and in 'you'll know' CO SONN has managed to deliver a belting post-punk pop track.

Take a listen here:

The album 'VBG trash ensemble vol.1' is very much of a similar style, with tracks often around just 2 minutes long, and CO SONN is clearly the type of songwriter who has the ability to write huge numbers of tracks in a short period - as shown by the range of songs on his Bandcamp page. Highlights to me of the album include 'floating', the intense instrumental track 'snutjag' and the pre-album release single 'rewind'.

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