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Pallecco - with track 'Vemodsvalsen'

We featured a piano composition by 'Klangriket' last week, but we haven't featured as many instrumental projects as I would have liked, but this (albeit fairly old) track from Swedish project 'Pallecco' has really captured my attention, and so we're delighted to introduce you to them.

'Pallecco' are a thoughtful, atmospheric and 'multi-genre' instrumental project, which started a few years back, and they have managed to release 3 EP / Albums over the last few years - 'Floppdalen', 'Lurvusk' and the most recent 'Jumbodank', which was released earlier this year. Interestingly there is also a 'spin off' band containing 2 members of 'Pallecco' entitled 'Tännebränne', and they write an unusual version of experimental blues metal.

'Vemodsvalsen' is actually from an earlier album, and I guess if I'm going to try and compare it to anyone we've featured it would be the really interesting Swedish band 'Valsaland'. It opens with the simplest of piano introductions, before a lovely melody is introduced and this theme is developed over the next 2 minutes before, after a gradual crescendo and quickening of the pace, drums are introduced and were taken on an uptempo waltz, with subtle vocal harmonies and it becomes a glorious and uplifting melodic dance which works really well.

Take a listen to 'Vemodsvalsen' here:

So there's clearly a huge wealth of material from 'Pallecco' (as well as Tännebränne), and I've barely scratched the surface with the music I've listened to, but I know there's a few of you out there that will really love this type of music, so here's some links for you to explore in some detail.

And this is their related progressive blues metal band. Actually you can occasionally hear the similarities peeking through Tännebränne's music, and I'd love them to somehow fuse the 2 together.

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