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The Simple Venture - debut single 'Force of Habit'

We'll start the week by covering a few single releases before we get to the more meaty album reviews later in the week, and our first featured band are pretty new, given that this is their debut single. 'The Simple Venture' are from Denmark, and their track 'Force of Habit' is their first release ahead of a planned debut album next year.

Influenced by some classic and stylish bands such as 'The War on Drugs' and 'The Swell Season', 'The Simple Venture' write well defined Indie Americana music, with big melodies, harmonies and a substantial overall band sound - which is complex but also subtle too, you'll pick out numerous different instruments and sound textures as you listen.

'Force of Habit' is undeniably easy to listen to, you'll pick out the Americana influence early, but as the track develops I'm reminded even of bands such as Travis too, and there is a sense that this is a band who write really natural sounding tunes, helped by the pleasing vocals and harmonies throughout. The song then builds to a climax with a big instrumental section, and I think this is a well written song.

Take a listen to 'The Force of Habit' here:

So we very much look forward to hearing a full album sometime next year from 'The Simple Venture', and meanwhile this is a really promising new band / track for all your latest music playlists.

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