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Shy Shy Shy - new single 'Making a Fool'

So Nordic Music Review is 3 years old today, and we would make a thing of it and do something special, but we just have this typically huge backlog right now which, if truth be told, just makes it a whole lot less fun. Instead we'll keep writing about the music, and it's particularly great to write about Danish duo 'Shy Shy Shy' because we wrote about them over 12 months ago suggesting they would continue do really well, and they've done exactly that with some great live appearances, including a JaJaJa Club night, and now they're back with a new single. 'Making a Fool' is the 2nd single in the lead up to their debut album, and it's a follow up to 'Beautiful Boys & Girls', which was released in September, and which we missed in keeping with the sloppy editorial standards we've prided ourselves in for these last 3 years.

Now if truth be told, we get sent enough Indie Electro Pop to entirely dedicate the site to that genre, but Shy Shy Shy just really stand out from the crowd. Their melody writing appears effortless, and Simon Kjeldgaard vocals are just so smooth and pure, with Astrid Cordes harmonies offering a subtle accompaniment to the sound. And 'Making a Fool' has this gentle sadness to it, with thoughtful lyrics that capture the moment when you make that really bad first impression - something we've all done, in fact I'm going to make a bold claim and suggest I've done that almost as many times as Donald Trump...

Anyway, it's a really well written track, and if this is the first time you've come across 'Shy Shy Shy' please take a listen to their previous tracks too. I still love Do Not Ask', and they have a nice little collection of tracks to make a playlist from.

This is the video to 'Making a Fool':

We still await, unless we've missed them, some UK live appearances from this band, but they continue to make an impression on music websites around the world, including I note, the excellent Earthlings music blog from the Philippines, which reminds me of all the 'hits' we get ourselves from that lovely country. Anyway, we await the 'Shy Shy Shy' album, and we'll definitely write about it when it arrives.

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