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Introducing... 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls' and single 'Green Hang Ten'

We're covering so many bands at the moment that it's understandably difficult to remember every name, so here's a band you definitely won't forget the name of, Swedish based 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls'. Possibly my favourite Nordic band name alongside 'Koria Kitten Riot', this band were formed just one year ago, and they have just a couple of tracks released thus far.

The Stockholm based bands new single (officially released on 1st December) is entitled 'Green Hang Ten', and it's one of my favourite new band releases in recent months. Opening with a thumping 'Sisters of Mercy' style bass line, layers of guitars are added creating a fluid dream pop feel, and the vocals offer a catchy melody on top. This is a really great sounding song which rattles along at a good pace, and will be a real favourite amongst those of you who like a 90's style shoegaze / indie guitar bands too.

Take a listen to 'Green Hang Ten' here:

So 'Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls' will have an album out in 2018 entitled 'Weightless Knight". and I'm determined we're going to try and stay with them, because based on 'Green Hang Ten' I think this will be a really interesting debut.

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