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Northlight - new video 'Everlasting Sun'

We have a small collection of new releases to tell you about, all from bands / artists we haven't featured before. The first is from Sweden and 'Northlight' a band who write big indie pop tunes, the type that should get good coverage from radio playlists and find their way on to music playlists around the Globe.

The band were originally formed back in 2012, they released their debut single in 2015, and this year has seen the band release 2 successful singles, play at some pretty European music festivals such as INMusic in Croatia, and they've had some interesting attention from some significant music websites, and now I guess a pretty insignificant one too...

Anyway their new single 'Everlasting Sun' was released just over a month ago, and in the last week a video has been released to accompany it. It's a really well written Indie Pop track led by a strong guitar line, and vocals which strike out a belting melody. This sounds like a band with 'stadium' style ambitions, and they've got the songs to go with it too.

Somewhat inevitably their video involves gorgeous Scandinavian scenery - it's a winner every time...

I'm expecting big things from this band over the next 12 months, so look out for them, particularly on the Swedish Festival listings, although I think they'd go down pretty well in the UK too.

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